Friday, January 24, 2014

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As a customer, I believe that BigCommerce is a must try for anyone who is selling online.  It has helped me increase bottom line and free up more time to work on other projects.

BigCommerce is one of the premiere and fastest growing eCommerce software options, which helps both the novice and the expert alike.  They have improved upon their already wonderful software and completely redesigned the software to add even more opportunity for customizable online stores and upgraded features.  It enables you the opportunity to sell your items online, and also streamlines the shipping and processing aspects, as well as every other step to succeed in this field.

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Thursday, October 03, 2013

Sons of Anarchy: Best Show of Decade? Atleast Best "Cable" Show!

Sons of Anarchy

      A little off topic, but I was asked the other day what the best TV show I'd seen in the last year.  Of course, Big Brother & Survivor came to mind in the reality show realm, but to be honest Big Brother was mediocre at best this year and Survivor: Blood vs. Water is just beginning & I will say it looks to have promise.  Then I started thinking of overall shows and The Mentalist was top of my list a couple years ago, but now I've noticed a trend seems to be leaning to cable and premium channel TV shows.  Breaking Bad from AMC is a great show, unfortunate it is in its' last season as well as Showtime's Dexter is coming to an end.  However, Showtime is still strong with their newest show Ray Donovan and Homeland is just beginning, but I have to say without a doubt the most anticipated show for a vast majority of those I know and myself included is Sons of Anarchy..  My opinion: Best Show Of Last Five Years!!  Thoughts

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