Sunday, April 08, 2007

Paypal- A must for most programs- Payment processor

Paypal is a payment processor that you almost have to get in order to utilize most programs now a days. I am not totally endorsing the processor because there are several instances where people, including me, have had very bad experiences with them. However, it is just too essential in many circumstances to not use it. I know this seems a little two sided, and it is, but I try to give honest reviews of everything we encounter. For ebay use, I have done a study and it did conclude that paypal increases your bid amount, but depending on your average price range, the results did indicate that you can make as much and sometimes more without paypal. However, this is n0t the norm and not true in very many circumstances. With Ebay not allowing google checkout to be a processor, which is an obvious ploy to keep users using paypal instead of google checkout, paypal is the only true solution that many have found.

We will touch on some other ways to accept payment and actually save money over the fees paypal charge if you are running several auctions and/or accepting certain levels of payments very soon, as we are trying out some of them right now. But I would definitely sign up for BOTH google check out and paypal as soon as I could if you have not already. We have found through investigation that the longer you are a member of paypal the odds of having trouble with them decreases tremendously, especially after the 3, 6 and 12 month periods. Also, I would suggest on paypal to go ahead and sign up for the premiere or business account, as this also decreases the odds of any problems, and allows you to have more options with the payment processor. If you don't sign up for the premiere or business account now, you will have to later anyways, so go ahead and sign up for it now if you do not have an account... Click below to sign up for paypal and on the left side of the page is a link to google checkout!!