Saturday, November 07, 2009

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Awesome Contest for Free Plasma TV $2500 Cash & More- How to Win Online

You always see contests online for anything & everything such as cash that may be just a few bucks or even tens of thousands or more and for services and items such as new Televisions, computers etc..  Most people think these are all scams, and of course some are, but however there are legitimate online contests where you can actually win cash and prizes without much time or effort involved.
Win a Plasma TV or $2500 in Cash!
The key is to set-up a free email, account or maybe even a couple depending on how many you are going to enter and how often.  This way your personal email account will not get filled up by a ton of email from the advertisers.  I would also suggest getting a PO box to use for the physical address.  Some companies do not allow PO boxes, but there is a way around that.  Go to a Mail Box & shipping store that rents out mail boxes and 9 out of 10 times you will be able to use that address for any contest.

I've won a lot of cash, prizes, & services over the years even prior to the internet taking off.  Finding the good ones that are legitimate can be frustrating, but not too hard.  Of course, there are ones from Taco Bell, Dollar General & other big retailers that you can enter each time you get a receipt, as well as from items you purchase such as coke products etc...  But there are also many online that require nothing except going to their site such as this one where you can win Win a Plasma TV or $2500 in Cash! or even more!