Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tracfone SPECIAL: Free Nokia phone plus 2 - 60 MINUTE phone cards (120 mins total) for the cost of 1-60 MIN. card $19.99!! Lowest offer EVER!

Get a phone and two 60 minute airtime cards for just $19.99 From Tracfone Pre-Paid Cell Phone Service! Just ONE 60 MIN. Prepaid phone card costs $19.99+ IN stores!!
HURRY- THE Limit per person just lowered from 5 to 3!!
This is an unbelievable offer from tracfone pre-paid cell phone calling service, and it won't be matched by any other prepaid cell service anywhere! This offer will not last long, so get in while you can- in addition to the TWO 60 minute pre-paid cell phone cards (total 120 mins) & the FREE phone from tracfone, YOU WILL ALSO GET FREE SHIPPING (Updated-See Below!) if you use one of the links on this page.

There is a limit on how many tracfone pre-paid cell phone offers like this one you can get usually, and in this case I believe it is 5 in this case. Still if you think about it, who wouldn't go ahead and get five as long as they had the money at the time?
Need to Hurry up on this one before it is gone!.. It doesn't get any cheaper than this.. I have already ordered mine, and my wife has ordered hers- a total of 10 of these special packages. UPDATE: The limit on this package per person was 5, but it just lowered to 3!! You can resell a few of them..And end up making $$ while getting yours for free, or just keeping the mins & selling the extra phones!. Click on in now to their special site & get FREE SHIPPING AS WELL!!! UPDATE: It shows that shipping is $4 and some change, which would still make this the best deal ever, BUT we ordered 3 more (THE NEW LIMIT) through my cousin & were going to just pay the $4 shipping anyways b/c of the cheap price, HOWEVER when we checked out IT DIDN"T CHARGE THE SHIPPing!!..