Thursday, April 05, 2007

Get Paid To Write Articles, Reviews, How-to's, Fiction, & More- Free Sign-up $1,000/Mo Realistic Income! Associated Content- Best Article Directory

I stumbled onto a new web-site the other day while searching for new sources for articles, to both read & submit to for several reasons including "article marketing". I noticed a site that I had not seen much in the search engines a while back, but lately I had noticed it quite often ranked in the top positions on google. It is called Associated Content and is one of the best resources I have found for submitting to in a while. The difference in Associated Content is that not only do they have top notch articles, the ability to submit your own articles, but you can also submit video and audio AND get paid for it. At first I thought this was another helium type of program that paid pennies for a lot of work, but after some research I have found that there is real potential here. I have met several people that made over $100 their first couple weeks without submitting that much, and they didn't have a clue what they were doing. I also met a couple of people that joined in late January and into February that are already over the $1,000 mark, and by talking to a variety of people that submit there, they say that you learn what works better as you keep submitting. The people I am talking about above with the $100 and $1,000 are only for articles, but there are a lot that are submitting video and audio, which is paying out a ton more.

This site has a PR of 7 and has a ton of traffic. Once you sign-up and submit your first piece they start bidding on your work when you submit it. It can range from $4 or $5 bucks for the low end to around $20+, and that is about the average. Many people are making $100+ a day just utilizing the articles and not even doing video or audio submissions, and believe it or not, there is one individual that made over $100,000 within a year and half!!! WOW...

In addition to the pay for your articles, they also have bonuses, which is based on how many people visit your articles, and also contests where you earn money for different things. It is a wonderful site and I can 100% recommend it to everyone, and if you are in bum marketing/article marketing, then check some search rankings on google b/c I have seen this site pop up a lot in top spots.. You can sign-up here and get started today: click here