Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Battery Charger for 12 Volt / 6Volt Perego/Peg for John Deere Ride-on Tractor CHEAPEST place I finally found

Perego Battery Recharger/Charger: The hardest thing I think I have looked for!!
I had recently told my son as a reward for a few days of being good, well pretty good atleast, that I would go ahead and get him a new perego battery charger for his John Deere Ride-on Tractor. I thought i'd just go to ebay & grab one for $10 or so, but to my surprise they were higher on ebay than a lot of on-line stores-even retail stores!!! FYI: If you sell on ebay & run across these at a yard sell for a couple bucks grab it b/c they are bringing over $25 on ebay.. Finally using, I think, Google's Froggle search I found one at
, which offered free shipping & was as cheap or cheaper than anywhere else. WOOW!! I am not a tight wad like this sounds but man $25 for the little plug in the wall charger just seemed a little high, but in about a month & half he's getting the new ride-on 4-Wheeler that's about $250 so I guess a charger will work for today... But seriously if you need any outdoor items, batteries, chargers etc.. check them out at