Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Check out blog Gives Great Alternative to Ebay for Selling Sports Cards & Collectibles

Check out the blog about sportlots and the Great alternative to ebay for selling sports cards and memorabilia.

Ebay has continually raised their fees to make it harder and harder for the small businesses & individual seller to actually make any money on their auctions. Ebay is also pushing the smaller businesses and individual sellers out in order to recruit the larger companies and corporations by giving them "special" treatment in searches and other ways, some that I'm sure aren't even made public!! So be sure to check out the sportlots blog that gives you a great alternative to Ebay for selling sports collectibles & possibly some other alternatives.

Alternatives to Ebay for selling sports cards and collectibles: Save MONEY, Make more MONEY, and get GREAT customer service (compared to NONE with Ebay)