Monday, April 02, 2007

Paid Surveys: Avoid The Scams & Earn Money- Things To Look For

Paid Surveys: Aviod The Scams & Earn Money
Items to look for in all survey programs to identify scams
Paid Surveys have always been a way that anyone could make some extra money from home, but due to some very shady programs &/or policies within the programs it has become a virtual landmine of fraudulent or misleading programs. There are some very good programs out there that will pay you for your involvement in surverys, focus groups, and many other similar things such as answering emails, searching the internet, etc...
However, as with about anything today you must use some common sense & research to find the programs that will pay you, otherwise you are just wasting your time. And nothing is more frustrating than sitting there at your computer for a couple of hours time thinking you had earned money from your actions just to find out that there was some "catch" to the program. Some things to look for in Paid Survey programs are:
  • Minimum Payout Amount: Almost every program will have a minimum payout amount and it makes sense because they don't want to send out checks for $.50 to everyone. However, look very close because some of these programs will have a large min. payout amount and no real way to get to it.
  • Types of Surveys: Almost all paid surveys are not just filling out a simple yes or no survey, but they require some action along with it such as visiting a site or signing up for a newsletter. However, there are a large number that require you to sign up for a risk free trial to some service with a credit card. These are usually the largest paying items because the advertisers pay them the most in hopes that people won't cancel the trial. The key is to be sure you cancel your membership before the trial is up or you will be stuck with a bill as large as what you made on the surveys.
  • Customer Support: This is a huge issue on most survey sites. Customer support is one of the most telling signs to any business as to its' legitimatcy. If there is no customer support then walk away (or click away). If it is just an email address, then send an email and see if you receive a response and how long it takes, and even if you see a phone number call it just to ensure that it is truly their customer service line.

While those few items above do not give you a black and white guide to finding the survey site(s) to join, they will keep you away from many of the ones that will just steal your time! For more information on surveys and to ensure you will get paid for your time I recommend you check out the below site:

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