Friday, March 23, 2007

Agloco Public Launch Closing In-

Agloco's time line for their public launch is coming close. They said close to the end of March would be the official launch time for their new tool bar & that will be the end of time to be considered a "founding member". I am not sure what, if any, additional benefits those who signed-up or do sign-up prior to the launch will have, but I have read where there will be an additional factor figured in to increase the pay outs. It really does make sense to reward those who have promoted this program prior to the launch, because they have done a lot of work in building the network. Either way though, there is still time to get in before the launch, just in case there is an additional benefit, and to begin to "stake your claim" in this potentially HUGE company. Just click here to sign-up for free!!