Tuesday, September 16, 2008

PrePaid Cell Phone for a Fraction Of Wal-Mart's Cost- Tracfone Wireless Get it Here FREE PHONE & Minutes!!

The wireless phone situation is changing rapidly AND some of the PrePaid plans are stepping in to fill a void that's been around for a LONG time... Tracfone has it set up perfect for all different situations! The best one in my opinion is where you can use your cell phone for emergencies and for those who don't spend hours on the cell phone at a time....

THE CATCH... DO NOT BUY IT AT WAL-MART OR ANY RETAIL LOCATION!! You can purchase 2 (TWO) 60 Minute pre-paid cards AND get a free cell phone for LESS than you can just buy the phone for at a retail store... IN ADDITION, it also comes with an additional 10 minutes free AND you can also use a PROMO CODE to increase the 60 minute cards to 180 MINUTES EACH!!!! Can You believe Wireless For Less than $9 a Month

THEY also have some more GREAT wireless plans JUST CHECK OUT BELOW BY CLICKING!!! I JUST BOUGHT 6 (there's a limit usually, but it is not that strict...)