Thursday, March 22, 2007

Google Adsense adds Google Checkout to Referral list!

Google just recently added Google Checkout to their list of items they pay you to refer. This comes as no real surprise after they recently took picasa off their list and combined it with the "google pack". Also, google has not really pushed this new product since it's initial debut, which is really surprising b/c of all the talk about it. I'm sure they have a plan for it, and initially it was called the "paypal alternative", which is not what it is aimed directly at, atleast for now!

However if you sign up for it they will give you $10 off your first purchase, which really makes it a no brainer since it is free! To join just click the link on the left side!

Added Site to MyBlogLog- Very Cool Program With Many Features

Well, we finally added this blog to MyBlogLog and have found it pretty useful already! You can view how many people fiewed your "home page" on the My Blog Log site, and see if they viewed your site or not. Also, it creates communities automatically when you enter your blog(s), which is very cool b/c it will bring traffic into your blog for sure.

With this blog just getting really started off, or restarted I guess I should say LOL, it will take a little while to really get any traffic from anywhere whatsoever. However, the more active you are on My Blog Log will send you more traffic due to your user name being seen all over the place. I found myself reading blogs all over the place before i knew it..

Basically, if you don't want to sign-up for it, then you are just missing out on potential traffic to your blog! And this is not just the one and out traffic, but if they join your community or are intrigued by your content they will be back time and time again!! My suggestion JOIN NOW

Make Money Online For Just Using A Search Engine

We have been looking at search engines that pay out users for doing their searching with their search engine(s). How do they do this? It is really quite simple. They are paid by advertisers for presenting their ads on their page(s), just like google, Yahoo, MSN, or any other search engine. The difference is they are offering part of their payment to YOU for helping them build their network. You not only get paid for your use, but also for those you refer & those who your referrals refer!! So, you get paid on 3 levels. Check it out and go ahead and sign-up here. There is nothing to download or anything!! See below how it all works:

Agloco- Have you Signed Up Yet? Easiest Guaranteed Way On The Net To Make Money!

If you have not heard of Agloco yet then here is your chance to get in. Hurry and sign-up for 100% FREE no catches. Then you will be a part owner of the site, basically a shareholder of the site! It is 100% member owned & currently if you sign up, an independent analysis has shown that from there if you do NOTHING else your value is atleast $150 plus monthly checks. AND THAT is if you DON'T do a thing except take 15 seconds to sign up!! CLICK HERE to sign up

GET .INFO Domain Names Under For Under $1

I wanted to let you all know about the special at GoDaddy on .INFO domain names. Right now you can get any .INFO domain name from on of the leaders in the industry for under $1 each! Also, you just have to buy 3 and you will get FREE private registration. They also include free space for hosting or blog, but there are ads on the free version, so it is better to go ahead and get hosting if you can right now. We will be posting some other options to the hosting, such as Free hosting versus Cheap but Good hosting so you can get up and going. But for now go ahead and grab up some domains before they are gone. Also, if it says they are $1.99 (which is still cheap) on the front page of GoDaddy, just ignore it because when we checked out it still only charged us $.99!!

FYI: FireFox Mozilla JUST updated. NEW version available get it here

Just a quick post to let you know to grab the newest version of Firefox Mozilla browser version It just came out this week and is another step in the right direction for Firefox Mozilla. It is the most secure browser you can get and faster than IE 7.0 with tons of add-ons that are totally FREE!! Just click on the Firefox button on the left side of this blog for you Free update or to get started using the best browser around!

We are Back!! We have tons of Reviews of Making Money On-line and at Home

We apologize for the delay in posting. This blog was intended to be a reference for those of you looking to make money on-line and/or at home. However, while beginning this blog we had several sites and blogs that were just starting up as well, which made it impossible to keep up at the time. However, now we have everything up and running and this is going to be a top priority. We are working on a site to follow up on this blog, but it will be a few weeks or so before we go live with it. When it does go live we will move the blog to it, but you will all be aware of the move. Remember if you have any suggestions, thoughts, questions, or just want to announce a new program feel free to post a comment and we will check it out!

Razor Dirt Quad Miniature Electric Off-Road ATV Child's 4-Wheeler- Online ONLY best Price w/ FREE Shipping! Check it out!!

We have been looking for a small child's ATV/4-wheeler that is safe, but a step up from the toy versions. We finally found it with in our price range and actually a little cheaper than the toy version offered it was the Razor Dirt Quad Miniature Electric Off-Road ATV . Check it out and go through this link to get FREE SHIPPING to the store!!! Normally I believe shipping is $40+ or so, and the others who sell these charge up to $150+ no kidding!! We will be moving our "good deals" "save money online" etc.. to another blog we are working on & will place the link in here within the next couple of days to make this site more relavent and be able to post more "great deals" on the other site... It is only $297 & online only w/ free shipping to the store closest to you!!

Razor Dirt Quad Miniature Electric Off-Road ATV
That is the picture of the four wheeler & just click on it to get more information. Also, these sell-out of inventory very quickly, as it just became available & we bought one today after waiting weeks on it!!

Features & Specifications
The Razor Dirt Quad Miniature Electric Off-Road Quad features a high-torque gear ration for excellent climbing capabilities, terrain-tracing droop-travel rear suspension for a smooth ride, and shatter-resistant plastic fairings. The powder-coated tubular steel frame helps provide all-weather splash-proof durability.
Always wear a helmet and protective gear while riding!

The Razor Dirt Quad Miniature Electric Off-Road Quad Features:
Excellent climbing capabilities
350-watt motor
Shatter-resistant plastic
Padded seat
Vertical storage
High-torque drive train
Variable speed
Chain-driven motor for quiet yet powerful operation
Space-saving vertical storage capability
Maximum rider weight: 140 lbs.

Razor Dirt Quad Miniature Electric Off-Road ATV