Monday, September 18, 2006

Ebay: Build positive feedback in 1-DAY secrets to increasing- Powerseller status QUICK..Easiest way to build positive feedback

Positive Feedback on eBay!: Ever Wonder How Some Sellers Get 100's of Positive Feedback & Reach Power Seller Status So Quickly? I did!!
I have been selling oneBay! for about a decade and have had to open several accounts so I could track my personal & business sales, as well as organize different business accounts by category & consignment. When I began opening these accounts I always hated having to wait until I got so many feedback before I could use a certain feature. Especially to open a store!!! or use Buy It Now!! This was very frustrating. However, after some research & trial & error I finally found the ultimate way to not only increase my feedback QUICKLY, but also make extra money.
I had watched the transition in e-books going from bringing top dollar to most of them selling for a PENNY!! How in the world were they making money & why would someone waste their time with all that work? Even if they put it in their store where it cost 2 cents to list & list 999 of them, the paypal fees ate up the whole penny. Even if it didn't though really would it be worth it?
Yep, 100% worth it. First of all, if you are starting a brand new account you will need to get your feedback up & going so you can get a store. Here is the easiest way: Go to advanced search & click on search store inventory. Put in free ship* (use the * to cover all variations of shipping) and/or use free s/h etc to get all variations a seller may use. Then go down to the price range. Here you can use any range you want, but I just put in minimum .01 max .02, and then check buy it now only items. Now, if you want to make it even quicker increase the price range to whatever you want, but i have not had many issues getting up & going this way.
Now click search and there it is... tons of listings for a penny or two. And honestly most of these sellers don't even care if you pay, they just want you to leave them FB also. Most of them have automatic feedback set where after you leave them Positive FB they automatically leave it for you within 24 hours... and there you have it within a days work you can be up and using all seller features...
As for how to get to the powerseller level & actually make money I will cover in the next post. I am sure you see the way it is going, but the making money is where it gets a little tricky. Here's the hint: You don't make any of your money off the sale of any item on ebay or even on ebay's site... It is really simple, but takes work on your part to keep it working... Until next time get that new account started and start on your way to powerseller status, and making extra money using an untapped resource that we will go over next.. Please leave us a comment or question...
Click below & sign up for a new account... FYI if you need an email address GMAIL is the way to go b/c usually you don't even have to provide a CC to identify yourself & start buying