Saturday, February 26, 2011

Best Paid Survey Programs Legitimate Sites That Pay Cash

Paid Survey Programs: Testing Results Part 1

Over the past months we have been testing out the Paid Survey Sites, from the newest programs to the programs that have been around for years.  This is an area that has seen several growth explosions and has branched off into every possible area you can imagine.  We have conducted testing on these in the past through some of our other blogs & sites, but decided that with the new growth & expansion of established sites continuing we needed to check out the new players in the paid survey field and check in on the old ones as well.  Prior to starting we do suggest opening an email account just for these through Gmail, yahoo, aol or any of the hundreds of free email services.  That way you can keep track of progress, as well as keeping these from filling up your personal email.

We will be posting our results here first, and also provide a more detailed account of each site prior to posting to any of our other sites/blogs or directories.  Here is our initial listing of the paid survey sites that have proven to pay and brief description of each.  We will provide a more detailed description on each individual paid survey site soon to come.  These are in no particular order or ranking, as we are waiting on results from each individual one prior to posting our rankings.  However, we are only posting those that have yielded positive results & have not presented any problems.  As our testing continues we will be posting those that did pay out but presented issues, however with all the paid survey sites to choose from the general consensus is why waste time on those with tons of hoops to jump through..  

1.  Surveys 4 profit  - Nice overall site.  Payout: $5-$75 per survey, which is in line with advertised payouts of most major sites.  The parent company to this site was founded by a former IBM architect in 2004 along with a team of Internet marketing and advertising professionals with a combined 15 years of experience. Of course, like any paid survey site it has the "opt-in" pages to go through, but it is not one of those never ending black holes of "offers" that some of the less legitimate sites put you through.  GETTING STARTED: First you must sign-up using front-page form, then proceed past optional opt-in offers and invite-a-friend page, & then you will be at the data base of paid surveysClick here to get started earning cash with surveys 4 profit.

2.  Survey Adventur -  Newer site with proven record of paying out..  Requires a 3 step process to sign up & must provide accurate information such as email etc.., as is with just about all of these sites now.  Click here to start survey adventure

3.  Survey Networks:  -  Very short & quick to get registered, one of easiest platforms on the internet to use.  This is geared more towards a prize site, which at first is a turn off to many due to the scams that surfaced many years ago.  However, we do recommend this site due to its proven track record of paying out.  The reward is worth the minute or two to sign up as they routinely give out everything from cash, cars, scholarships, trips & more..  Currently they have many nice offers from $50,000 scholarship or home makeover,  $1,500 gas card,  trip to vegas, $3,500 cash, & more..  We have verified winners from this site & can confidently recommend it.. Click here and take a few seconds to get signed up

4.  ECN RESEARCH:  -  They have proven & verifiable track record, plus one of the easiest to use platforms.  ECN Research is an interactive survey where users are rewarded for their opinion; incentives for users vary from a $500 shopping spree, free ring tones to a free vacation to over 50 destinations
Again this is worth taking the time as there are many offers from:
Fill out a Survey and get a $50 Gift Card
Get a free night at the movies
Receive $35 Studio Portrait for your Opinion

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