Sunday, July 01, 2007

No Money Marketing- Bum Marketing, Article, Plus NEW strategies, tips & tricks COMBINED

NO MONEY MARKETING- A new trend in internet marketing that combines "bum marketing", Article marketing, and several other internet marketing strategies with new and innovative methods to create the ultimate Free Marketing Opportunity, aka. No Money Marketing, to make money On-line.
We have been very busy lately working on our newest concept for making money online without having to risk any money! We apologize for neglecting our blogs & sites that have not been updated, but this project is something we have been working towards for a long period of time. We all love the old "bum marketing" method that was made famous by Travis, and other free marketing theories that have come along. However, we have been researching other strategies that will streamline and increase the return on "investment", even where the investment may not be capital/money- BUT your time spent is a huge investment so why not maximize the outcome?
Check back as we are getting ready to begin testing our new methods & will provide everyone with details on how to utilize the "No Money Marketing" method... AND all this for FREE...