Sunday, July 12, 2009

Banking: Savings Checking CDs- Easiest Way To Make Money by Compararison Shopping

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The easiest way to make money is to use the money in your checking and/or savings accounts to MAKE money while it's just sitting there! And the worst way to "lose money", and in reality it is what is happening, is to not take the few minutes and find a high yielding checking or savings account, or at the least, if your balance is low, find the highest rate of return possible for your accounts. Even if it is just there until you pay your bills or if it is your "emergency money", take advantage of the competitive financial markets and earn the highest return possible.

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The way the financial services industry works is very different than it was just a few years ago and the benefit can go to either the banks or financial institutions or to the informed consumer. Many banks and financial institutions "bank" on their customers not being totally informed on fees, actual percentage returned on their accounts, their competitions yields, and other variables, but the best part of this on the consumers behalf is that all the information needed is just a few searches & clicks away!!

In the "old days", and by old I mean around the year 2000 or even later (seems funny calling that the "old days"), most people had limited choices in regards to their banking services. Most people just went to their hometown or closest bank and opened up their checking & savings accounts, as well as their CD's or other investment type accounts. Even the most money conscious individuals, for the most part, only had a very limited number of banks or financial institutions to compare from to maximize their returns. And you can bet your house that each bank knew the rate of the local competition and if they were trying to get new customers they used the minimal increase possible to "out do" the other bank. So, in many cases the indivuals in smaller towns and those not located near a large city were in a way at a disadvantage because the competition was not that great for the banks there, which in turn resulted in lower rates on their money..

However, now there are sites such as MoneyAisle
, as well as many others, that search for the best rate on checking accounts, savings accounts, CDs, MMA, and just about any service available from a financial institution. Now you can open a checking account at capital one, Bank of America, or just about any large or small bank even if the closest branch is 100s of miles away! And there are also new financial institutions popping up that are catered just to the online banking customer, which are backed just the same as any other bank by the federal gov., and in many cases offer a better return on your money.

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