Saturday, November 04, 2006

Ebay: Penny Auctions make thousands or more monthly- Make Money over & over without a "tangible" product!! NO INVESTMENT! too good to be true? NOPE

Make money on eBay! without ever having a product, running auctions for a penny. Does it work? YES IT DOES & actually some of the most productive ebayers have been doing this alone for years!!!... There are many ways to achieve success on eBay!. And personally I LOVE the penny auctions, but diversity is always the best policy. Why not utilize all the possible methods to achieve the maximum success possible.... Most people think penny auctions are just a way to increase your eBay! Feedback quickly. Well, it is, but if that's all you want to do then save some fees and just search for those auctions & bid on them... The key is how to turn a penny dutch auction into thousands of dollars... Hmmm sounds too good.... YES IT DOES... but it is not and the key is the most effective way to utilize penny auctions to make the most money actually does not generate the income through eBay! after the initial penny auction....... Let me know your thoughts or successes you have had & i will follow up...

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