Thursday, March 22, 2007

Added Site to MyBlogLog- Very Cool Program With Many Features

Well, we finally added this blog to MyBlogLog and have found it pretty useful already! You can view how many people fiewed your "home page" on the My Blog Log site, and see if they viewed your site or not. Also, it creates communities automatically when you enter your blog(s), which is very cool b/c it will bring traffic into your blog for sure.

With this blog just getting really started off, or restarted I guess I should say LOL, it will take a little while to really get any traffic from anywhere whatsoever. However, the more active you are on My Blog Log will send you more traffic due to your user name being seen all over the place. I found myself reading blogs all over the place before i knew it..

Basically, if you don't want to sign-up for it, then you are just missing out on potential traffic to your blog! And this is not just the one and out traffic, but if they join your community or are intrigued by your content they will be back time and time again!! My suggestion JOIN NOW

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